Green blockchain technology combined with health & fitness

Burn calories & earn green crypto through our blockchain.

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With Green Coin, a higher level of health, wealth and happiness will be achieved globally.

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GreenCoin.AI is the first technology company to use Blockchain and AI to provide a Fitness Experience where our members burn calories and earn their fortune. We bring Financial Freedom to our members while saving the planet and help reducing global warming.

Within the GreenCoin.AI Community. Every person’s economy is constantly improving simply by exercising. We call this BURN-TO-EARN....

Green Coin Ecosystem Overview

We are currently building the GreenFlow Community where every person’s economy is constantly improving simply by exercising.


Workouts, Shopping, Content Consumption

Fitness Data Buyers

The market for user data is a multi-billion dollar industry.


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Games, Apps, Social Media Streams, etc Whitepaper

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Green Blockchain

Introducing a decentralized green blockchain that tracks and rewards caloric expenditure!

Our blockchain will perform an initial analysis and generate multiple quality checks. These tests include data analysis. We deliver the results to our client along with a certification of the process.  


Health & Fitness + Technology

Our goal is to provide high-quality technology & equipment to have the most effective, efficient, and rewarding results.

By exercising with Green flow enabled devices you generate electricity and fitness data that powers the Green flow blockchain.

Utilizing the power of blockchain to generate cryptocurrency through the most eco-friendly creator of kinetic energy: The Human Body.

Proof-of-work consensus mechanisms', are the current requirements to confirm transactions that take place on a blockchain, without the need for a third party.

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Green Coin is a Sustainable Ecosystem

Where every person can improve their health, wealth and happiness.

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