Exercise For Your Health.

earn GreenCoin.AI for everything else.

GreenCoin.AI combines fitness and blockchain so you can continue your regular exercise routine while simultaneously earning cold hard cash. An exercise incentive you have never experienced before.

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Our Mission

Health, wealth, and happiness all benefiting simultaneously

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GreenCoin.AI is the first technology company to use Blockchain and AI to provide a comprehensive Fitness Experience where our members burn calories to earn token rewards in real time. 

GreenCoin.AI helps every person’s improve their health with the most powerful incentive in the world – Money. We call this BURN-TO-EARN.

The GreenCoin.AI Ecosystem 

We are currently building the Green Coin Community where every person’s economy is constantly improving simply by exercising.


Exercise to earn GRC. Spend GRC in our app or at partners

Trainers & Coaches

Professional trainers readily available or better yet, become one yourself!


Discounted goods and exclusive offers via our partners


Games, Apps, and Social Media Content.

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Greencoin.ai Whitepaper

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Green Blockchain

Introducing a decentralized green blockchain that tracks and rewards caloric expenditure!

Our blockchain will perform an initial analysis and generate multiple quality checks. These tests include data analysis. We deliver the results to our client along with a certification of the process.  


Health & Fitness + Technology

Our goal is to provide the best-in-class hardware and software to ensure the most effective and rewarding workout experience.

All products will be built with proprietary Greencoin.AI chips and synced with your wallet so you can earn GRC in real-time as you exercise!

Check out the list of products in our pipeline below.

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1. Visit Uniswap.com
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