GreenCoin.AI Overview

Our story

GreenCoin.AI was founded in 2019 with the belief a person’s physical and mental health is not a bargaining chip that can be easily sacrificed. These days healthy food is expensive and physical fitness is a large time and financial commitment. GreenCoin’s revolutionary technology aims to solve this by paying back the users in real time for their efforts. 

GreenCoin.AI is the first technology company to use Blockchain and AI to provide a comprehensive Fitness Experience where our members will get a return on their investment simply by burning calories. Users will improve their physical fitness to earn the most valuable reward in the world: Money

Within the GreenCoin.AI Community. Every person’s wealth and health is constantly improving. We call this BURN TO EARN. With our upcoming unique line of training equipment, all provided with our proprietary AI chip, there has never been a greater motivator to exercise.

Imagine that every time you work out, you are rewarded not with loyalty points but with real money that can be spent. GreenCoin.AI is committed to providing users real utility so that they spend their hard earned money to buy products, play games and subscribe to a wide variety of services they find beneficial.

We aim to not only become the largest decentralized community in the world but provide the most value to each and every one of our users. Our ecosystem of Members / Fitness trainers / Merchants / Game providers will all come together to create the ultimate experience.