Nick Von

Technology Director

Nick Von has been a successful entrepreneur since a young age. Generating over $20,000 at the age of 9 years old, he began writing code and developing software, technology and e-commerce. Shortly thereafter, he began to build out highly-scalable e-commerce and tech solutions in a variety of industries, which resulted in him dropping out of high school to pursue his passions. He built one of the top 10 iOS games on the app store before the age of 18. He also created one of the quickest growing e-commerce stores since the creation of Shopify.  He specializes in viral growth of corporations. He is a hard believer in the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain. His new project is a unique workout to earn cryptocurrency called Greencoin.AI. Founder of Greencoin.AI, Mr. Pink, met Nick through mutual friends at a crypto currency conference in 2020.  Mr. Pink truly believes Nick Von to be the next Vitalik Buterin. Nick Von is now one of the largest coin holders of Greencoin.AI.